Abandoned Grove

Frantoio Pruneti x Abandoned Grove #1

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The Pruneti family has been farming the hills and land of San Polo in Chianti, Tuscany, since the mid 19th Century. The Gladiolus (or Iris) bulbs produced by the family became synonymous with quality among essential French perfume companies, and their production later expanded to wine and olive oil.

The Pruneti brothers (Gionni and Paolo) decided to specialize in extra virgin olive oil, and today their mill stands as one of the most technologically advanced in the world.

In early May, the blossoming of the Purple Iris (also known as Lily, or Giglio, or Giaggiolo) inspired this olive oil. The Iris, the symbol of Florence for over 1000 years

For this collaboration, Gionni, Paolo and Fil selected a small portion of the grove where the blossoming flower surrounded the Frantoio and Moraiolo trees.

This inimitable 50/50 blend of Frantoio and Moriaolo cultivar is of medium-high intensity, to the nose, fresh-cut grass, vegetables and artichoke leaf, to the palate green balsamic notes, and strong overtones of artichoke and arugula. The Frantoio contributes to the elegant and pleasant bitterness, and the Moraiolo its persistent and intense pungency.