We are Abandoned Grove. Our name stems from our shared vision of a world where no olive groves are abandoned and the belief that achieving this is an inside job. Guided by this principle, we’re pioneering a sustainable and fresh approach to independent olive oil production by expertly crafting supremely healthy and wildly delicious extra virgin olive oil from groves we rescue from abandonment and bring back to life-to harvest-and to you.

Every bottle of our extra virgin olive oil transcends geographical boundaries and tells the story of a grove reborn. Exclusively earned by proactive efforts to rejuvenate or sustain olive trees, we harmonize Mother Nature’s supply with human demand, all while growing impact and respecting the natural output of an olive tree.

Together, we are rekindling our connection to nature, each other, and ourselves. This is a work of passion and patience, of trust in the process and in the idea that nature knows best. It may not be the easiest way to do business, but to us, it’s just good taste.

To date, hundreds of thousands of groves remain abandoned globally. Hopefully, not for long.


Olive groves are disappearing.

The relentless pursuit of quick gains, win/lose dynamics with nature, generational neglect, and a drive for profit-only practices have forced many independent olive oil producers to accept lower wages or shut down, leaving thousands of olive groves abandoned, with far-reaching adverse effects on the community and the environment.

We recognize that olive oil is mired in confusion, leading us to consume sub-par extra virgins and to abandon land that fails to produce rapidly or abundantly enough to satisfy the high demand.

To date, hundreds of thousands of olive groves remain abandoned worldwide-forgotten acres, people, and communities-stories untold. We’re here to tell them, to change the ending, and to bring us all back to the table. We stand rooted in celebration of our connectedness and with a shared purpose; every harvest brings our vision closer.

We commit to shifting the perception of the olive tree and extra virgin olive oil from mere commodities to vehicles for positive change-benefiting our health, communities, and planet.

It starts with a tree, the people around it, and an uncompromising extra virgin olive oil.


Abandoned Grove traces its roots back to a transformative encounter with olive oil that forever altered Fil Bucchino's path from music to the art of olive oil. This profound experience didn't just shift his career trajectory; it profoundly influenced his perspectives on food, community, and the true meaning of sustainability.

Inspired to share his experience, Fil has dedicated himself to recreating that moment through his annual olive oil production, aiming to impact others' lives as deeply as it did his own. He sees olive oil not merely as a commodity but as a form of art—a medium capable of transforming culinary experiences, enhancing health, and connecting communities worldwide. This vision led Fil, along with his friend and collaborator Ed Zych, to co-produce the award-winning documentary ‘Obsessed with Olive Oil.’ Created with the mission to elevate awareness and celebrate the artistry and dedication behind premium olive oil production and challenging the misconception that all olive oils are created equal.

As this journey unfolded, the concept of Abandoned Grove began to take shape, officially launching in 2016 as a response to the growing issue of neglected olive groves in Tuscany. The initiative highlights the harmful impacts of profit-only driven approaches and destructive agricultural practices on society, the environment, and the economy.

To date, Abandoned Grove has revived over 5,000 olive trees in the hillsides around Florence, showcasing the transformative power of a commitment to sustainability and quality. However, the challenge persists, with hundreds of thousands of olive groves still abandoned worldwide—forgotten acres, people, and communities—stories untold. We’re here to tell them, to change the ending, and to bring us all back to the table.
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