Abandoned Grove

Olivart x Abandoned Grove #1

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2018 Olivo Bianco Monocultivar

We were only able to fly back 60 numbered 250ml bottles.

During the 2017 harvest we discovered 70 Olivo Bianco plants, scattered through the grove to help pollinate 3000 olive trees. The Olivo Bianco is one of the oldest and less prevalent native Tuscan cultivars, getting its name from the white olives that it yields.

Andrea Pagliai (Olive oil producer from Olivart) and I in preparation for the 2018 harvest had a discussion about the possibility of harvesting this almost forgotten varietal.

A cultivar that, although it survived for centuries due to its resilience to cold temperature and pollinating abilities, has been ignored due to its scarcity and extremely rapid maturation making it very difficult to harvest.

This past season the abnormally cold temperatures in Tuscany posed challenges to most cultivars, but the Olivo Bianco thrived. We closely monitored and took advantage of a very small window of time to harvest these 70 trees to yield less than 60 litres of oil.

The result; A full bodied extra virgin olive oil with strong aromatic notes of fresh cut grass and green almond, and flavour notes of forest fruits (blueberry and raspberry), radicchio and arugula, with a very strong latent pepper note.  This oil pairs well with seafood, raw meat and aromatic dishes like fennel carpaccio with pecorino.