Abandoned Grove

Tenuta Vasadonna x Abandoned Grove #1

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The Vasadonna estate extends over 15 hectares on the Etna slope. Its name derived from the Vasadonna district, where once upon a time the village women would wash their clothes in the stream. And where it could happen to a daring and lucky courter, a kiss from his beloved, as depicted in the label ideated by Salvatore's wife, Daniela. 

Salvatore has been a guiding voice against the traditional production methods in the area. His goal with Tenuta Vasadonna was to produce an oil "Da Custera." Meaning an oil derived from a unique grove with a particular exposure and a specific cultivar capable when placed in this environment of an incomparable oil.

For this collaboration, Salvatore and Fil selected a small 2.5-acre section of his Tenuta with the direct sun exposure and proximity to water, this section of the grove makes it an ideal environment for this cultivar to thrive. 

The Nocellara Messinese, the lesser-famous varietal (due to its sensitivity to the cold and droughts) to its sister "Del Belice," is a native cultivar from the Messina, Catania, and Siracusa areas. 

This 2020-21 harvest is a medium intensity oil with a herbaceous aroma of tomato leaf and artichoke, with a balanced bitterness and pungency.

This oil pairs well with fresh dishes, seafood crudos, salads and vegetable or seafood-based pasta.