Rejuvenate an olive tree - Pre Order



Your $50 pre-order, initiates the rejuvenation process of an olive tree in one of our groves and makes you a member of our community. It's important to note that the complete cost of the tree's rejuvenation over the next three years is $150, and the remaining balance will be requested at a later date.

What you get:

Info on the Tuscan grove and the people responsible for its rejuvenation

Notifications at all steps of the rejuvenation process up to the major reformative tree pruning.

One photo of the Abandoned Grove per year, before, during and after.

Once regeneration starts, you will receive “art wood” made from pruned wood from the trees in that grove.*

Beyond the philanthropic satisfaction of beautifying and regenerating these incredible trees, we will contribute to carbon offset (~12 tonnes per hectare/400 trees), decreased soil erosion, and employment.


* This may change, but it will be similar in its offering and value and finalized before our rejuvenation practices begin.

No Grove Abandoned

This initiative goes well beyond our “Family Reserve” extra virgin olive oil and offers an opportunity to rejuvenate and sustain new and existing groves.

We will ensure no grove is abandoned, no community is left behind, and mother nature is honored, beginning with our Tuscan community first. 

Our Responsibility

These groves are a bridge to the community and ourselves. Rejuvenation requires an ongoing commitment, and we are responsible for maintaining these groves in good standing for us, the community, the environment, and the next generation. We want to keep growing the good!