Olivart x Abandoned Grove #3


2020-21 Maurino Monocultivar - a limited collaboration with Andrea Pagliai producer at Olivart.

The Maurino (also named Razzola or Maurino Lucchese) is an early flowering, self-sterile and pollinating tree native to Lucca, Tuscany. The Maurino tree was one of the few survivors during the devastating frosts of '56 and '85 that wiped out many groves across Tuscany. Due to its resilience to cold, fog and resistance to various olive diseases, it became one of the most planted trees in central Italy. However, traditional producers later ignored this cultivar due to its hard-to-time early maturation and meagre yield.

This limited selection was derived from a previously abandoned grove named La Torricella in Bagno a Ripoli. Produced from 93 trees with a historically low yield of 5.6%, we harvested 750Kg of olives to obtain a total of 46 Ltrs of Maurino extra virgin olive oil. 

This 2020-21 Maurino is a complex medium intensity oil with aromatic notes of sage, mint and rosemary. Vegetable notes characterize the palate with artichoke in prevalence over green tomato. Its bitter and pungent notes are in balance, with a tardive and persistent pepper note.

The Maurino is one of the very few cultivars born on the cold Tuscan hills that pairs perfectly with fresh cheese, grilled and roasted white meat and fish.