Fil Bucchino pouring a sample of Founders Reserve olive oil

Founder’s Reserve

In 2009, we introduced 'Family Reserve', an exclusive extra virgin olive oil crafted for Fil's immediate family and friends. Over time, word spread, and Family Reserve expanded to include friends, and friends of friends.

In 2023, we renamed 'Family Reserve' to 'Founder's Reserve’ to honour the immense contributions of individuals who have played pivotal roles in our community as early adopters and brand ambassadors–those who allowed our mission to take root.

Membership in the Founder's List is by invitation only and extended to those who have made the most significant impact.

Once on the list, you receive an AG lifetime membership and first access to the Founder's Reserve–a limited extra virgin olive oil personally curated by Fil. This distinct class of extra virgin is bottled under nitrogen at the source, air-shipped, and hand-delivered just a couple of weeks from harvest.

Founder's Reserve has maintained a sold-out status for fourteen consecutive years, thanks to its distinguished members. This esteemed group includes international olive oil experts, top chefs, restaurateurs, tastemakers, wellness practitioners, scientists, musicians, and artists.

Each bottle is a sign of renewal, a stand against convention, and the extension of our uncompromising community advancing our mission of No Grove Abandoned.