In 2009, we introduced 'Adagio del Colle,' an exclusive extra virgin olive oil crafted for Fil's immediate family and friends. As its reputation grew, its 10th anniversary marked the transition to 'Family Reserve.' In 2023, to honour members of our community—whom Abandoned Grove considers founders in their own right—for their significant and instrumental contributions in realizing our vision, the oil was aptly renamed 'Founder's Reserve.'

From the outset, Fil Bucchino passionately curates each harvest in bespoke, limited runs. The harvest is offered only by the case (6x500ml), complete with a signed manuscript detailing the harvest's story, the oil's sensory profile, and tangible pieces of our Grove's life.

This extra virgin olive oil continues to capture a singular moment and embody the finest expression of the cultivar's season, reflecting both the peak of our harvest and the story of a grove reborn.

Maintaining a sold-out status for fourteen consecutive years, Founder's Reserve is available solely via email notification.

We presently reserve entry for our founding members but warmly invite your interest through our waitlist or a referral from an existing member.

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