2020 Family Reserve Harvest - Bottle


Adagio #11 - 2020 Family Reserve -  Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Estimated Arrival December 10th, 2020

One 500ml bottle with hand signed harvest notes, sensory profile details and pairing recommendations.

This year’s olive oil was harvested between October 20th to 24th from a previously abandoned grove nicknamed Balatro, with a NE exposure, and an elevation of 544 feet, near the town of Antella in Tuscany.

The dry, high, and constant temperatures of the summer, supported a healthy flowering stage and helped to nullify all olive fly attacks. A late- season rainfall, followed by a dry period with seasonally low nightly temperatures created some of the best conditions in years.

This reserve is a 55/30/15 blend of healthy Frantoio, Leccino, and Moraiolo cultivars. Master milled, twice filtered, and with a maximum conversion time of three hours.

This fruity and harmonious oil is a living, fresh, and seasonal ingredient. Opening to the nose with vegetable notes wrapped in green olive, sage, fresh-cut grass, and green almond. To the mouth, it is entrancing with balanced notes of arugula, almond, and radicchio. The note of thistle is persistent, and it leaves us with a long-lasting green pepper note.

After undergoing our rigorous sensory and chemical testing, to maintain its maximum vitality from grove to table, this single lot is stored, bottled, and transported under nitrogen at a constant temperature of 16 C°.

This oil is meant to be lavishly used as a finishing oil to elevate, enhance, and add structure to your dishes. Each bottle is to be consumed within 4-6 weeks of opening, however, when kept unopened and in a cool and dry place or wine cellar, it will retain most of its composition for up to one and half years.

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