Abandoned Grove

Olivart x Abandoned Grove #2

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Olivart - AG #2 - 2019-20 Pendolino Monocultivar

I’m very happy to introduce and share this Pendolino Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil with you. A collaboration with Andrea Pagliai producer at Olivart.

"Pendolino" - Its name derived from the way that the tree's branches hang down and swing (pendulous - pendulo).

Although this cultivar's origins are placed in the area of Florence, Tuscany thanks to its resilience and it's pollinating abilities it is now also widespread through Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria.

Due to its early ripening and scarcity within the groves, the Pendolinos are not easy to harvest and in turn mostly ignored. However, when correctly timed they produce phenomenal and complex olive oils.

This selection was derived from 77 trees scattered within our groves (approximately one tree for every 55 trees). Yielding just under 70 liters of oil.

The result; A medium-high intensity fruity and clean extra virgin olive oil with prevalent aromatic notes of almond, fresh-cut grass, and minor notes of artichoke. The prevalent flavour note is green almond ornamented by radicchio and green vegetable notes. Its bitterness is balanced and perceived slightly earlier than the latent but persistent black pepper spice note. In light of this year's earlier than anticipated harvest, this oil pairs equally well with grilled meats as it does with grilled calamari, shrimp risotto, tuna carpaccio and crudos.