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Toronto Star - This punk rock musician is obsessed with olive oil, and he has the prestigious certification to back it up. - Everything you need to know about buying olive oil.
Shawati Magazine issue 59 - Protecting the grove, featuring Abandoned Grove and Fil Bucchino.
Kitchen Confessions podcast - Fil explains why he's obsessed with olive oil; what it takes to produce and preserve a quality bottle; and the symbiotic loop of the people, the land, and our food.
Warehouse Magazine - A good EVOO is a harmonious combination of agriculture, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.
David Rocco's Dolce Homemade episode 10 Olive Oil - David and Fil spend the day smelling, tasting and cooking with the new olive oil of the season.
Behind Greatness episode 152 - Rejuvenating to Re-Create Communion Fil Bucchino, certified expert olive oil taster / founder, Abandoned Grove / ex-Punk rocker
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Buonissimo - It’s Complicated | Obsessed With Olive Oil Documentary
Frantoi In interviews - Featuring Fil Bucchino's documentary, Obsessed with Olive Oil, which goes behind the scenes of the rebirth of quality olive oil production and the lengths Olive Oil professionals will go through to make that perfect product. - 'A good olive oil is a lot like wine': Find out why at Devour! food film fest
The Globe and Mail - Liquid Goold, In Puglia, olive growers (Fil Bucchino) are producing intense, flavourful oils from a long-neglected variety - Take some olive oil on your run.
The National Herald - Ancient Greek Cuisine: Back to the Future Symposium at Yale University.
Oil Together - A man obsessed with Olive Oil, Interview with Fil Bucchino.
Buonissimo - How music and olive oil are both rooted in community with EaVOO expert Fil Bucchino.
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Karina Flores - An Afternoon with Abandoned Grove and Fil Bucchino Among The Tuscan Hills