Why & Who

 “It’s about freshness, aromas, flavors, staying true to Mother Nature and translating her yearly wishes from the grove directly to your table.”


Fil Bucchino is on a mission - to get the world to discard the half-rancid-bottle of olive oil sitting in their pantry for a high quality extra virgin olive oil unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

With that end in mind, Abandoned Grove was born. 

Eschewing the practices of the commercial olive oil industry, Abandoned Grove seeks to rejuvenate abandoned groves across the world and to re-cultivate the connection to the land, the groves, the people and the community that make for a truly incomparable bottle of olive oil.


“Tasting a properly produced extra virgin olive oil for the first time is an experience, you will undoubtedly question everything you thought you knew about olive oil. Like it happened to me years ago, I mean lighting bolts and cupids!”


Fil Bucchino is a Florence born, Toronto-bred, ex-punk-rock-playing, documentarian, educator and entrepreneur, who is “Obsessed with Olive oil. (The name of the award winning documentary that he hosted and co-produced.)

Fil collaborates with many of the top culinary personalities and institutions around the world, he is steady fixture as a judge at international olive oil competitions, and a contributor to various olive oil publications including the Brazilian Olive Oil Guide.

Enrolled in the International Register of ONAOO Professional Tasters, and appointed by ONAOO to represent the renowned school's first international chapter in Canada in 2017, Fil is one of few international tasters registered in the Italian National Directory of Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experts.

In 2016, Fil founded Abandoned Grove, with the sole goal to “protect the grove;” family, friends, culture, community, and wellness - and promote the uses and advantages of high quality extra virgin olive oil in cuisine, and in one’s life.  


“To me, olive oil embodies the soundtrack of a life well lived.”