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The olive oil industry has a bad rep. And it’s easy to see why.

For years, extra virgin olive oils labelled ‘extra virgin’ have in fact, been nothing but.

By cutting olive oils with cheaper filler oils, dyes, and chemicals, the commercial olive oil giants have driven down the retail price of olive oil by tricking consumers into purchasing extra virgin olive oil that is NOT 100% pure extra virgin olive oil.

These oils are lacking in flavour, nutritional benefit, freshness, and quality.

The gross devaluation and mislabelling of extra virgin olive oil has reshaped the face of a once culturally-rich industry and turned the fine (slow) craft of extra virgin olive oil production into a fast-food, quantity-over-quality, sub-par experience.

As a result, many fine extra-virgin olive oil producers have been forced to abandon their olive groves - smothered under the over-saturation of cheaper oils masquerading as ‘extra virgin’ and being sold to the masses.

At Abandoned Grove, we’ve abandoned the practices that surround the commercial olive oil industry (from production, to storage, to use, to pricing, and consumption) with the goal of bringing a once-honest industry back to life and quality, delicious oils, alive in flavour, to your tables.

We vouch for quality over quantity and, together, we’re shouting it from the rooftops. Our oils are extroverted.

With your support, Abandoned Grove will support farmers and producers of authentic 100% pure extra virgin olive oil (extroverted oil) so that they can continue to ethically, and sustainably, produce the oil that we grew up with - a rich, golden, pure, fruitful, and multi-faceted, flavour experience that’s boundless in health benefits and use.

We believe that together, we will be able to support our community, while bringing something of beauty and substance to your tables.

All olive oils carrying the Abandoned Grove seal are:


  •  EXTROVERTED - No fillers, added preservatives, or dyes. Our oils are made with carefully cared for olives, hand picked during a small window of time, and bottled with care.  The oils we produce are flown in single air shipments - which avoids freezing and ensures the consumption of the oils at peak freshness, quality and nutritional value.  


  • SMALL-BATCH CRAFTED -  We assure quality over quantity. Every bottle of oil that we sell is produced in limited quantity batches, putting the pressure not on the mass of oil produced, but the quality of the oil itself.


  • QUALITY TESTED - Testing happens in 3 steps: 1. Chemical, 2. Residual 3. Sensory. Only oils that pass our tests are allowed to carry the Abandoned Grove seal.


  • SUSTAINABLE - Our oils are bottled and delivered, seasonally and the profits from Abandoned Grove oils are generously split, providing livelihood to our partners, their families, and their groves.