What We Do

Abandoned Grove welcomes and works with each olive harvest's differences and nuances. 

We produce limited quantities of early harvest extra virgin olive oils derived from groves that, once abandoned, have been restored to their former glory. 

No matter the producer, label or gold medal awards, even the “best” oils will flatten and become rancid with time. (Yes, even ours.)

Fresh is best.

To guarantee the freshest and highest quality new harvest oils, we specialize in every step of the process (pruning, harvest, extraction, testing, packaging and transport). 

Our oils are delivered directly to your table in the shortest amount of time and in their best possible state.

We do not take shortcuts or undercut labour.

Yes, it is expensive, but we have been doing it this way since day one, and frankly, there is no other way.

Passionate about the people and stories behind great olive oils, Abandoned Grove will also champion and introduce to you the next wave of influential producers through collaborations or a special release.


Not a commodity

Abandoned Grove vouches for quality over quantity, flavor and unparalleled freshness.

We are in the awareness, joy, and wellness business.

One taste, one dish, and one meal at a time.

We are excited to be writing the new playbook on olive oil.

Join us