We Believe

“One taste, one dish, and one meal at a time. We are excited to be writing the new playbook of olive oil.”

We believe that quality extra virgin olive oil is alive, and deserves to be respected, not some invisible condiment shelved in a grocery store aisle but as a fresh and seasonal ingredient. 

We believe that not all olive oils are created equal, and as such, we believe in a clear and defined line between tradition and quality.

We believe in a world where olive oil is celebrated, like wine, for its different tiers and complex sensory profiles. 

We believe in a world where people will refuse a rancid or defective oil the same way they “now” refuse corked wine or stale bread. 

We believe that a quality extra virgin olive oil brings people together, and as such we celebrate the role that nature and community play in the ability to create and transport experiences from the groves to the table.