• Our Process - Every year we follow and monitor the state of the trees and their cultivars within the groves. 
  • We attend each olive harvest, meticulously creating our blends or “monocultivar” selections. 
  • The oil is then sent to two certified sensory panels to confirm its profile. (Chemical analyses are also always carried out by two independent labs.)
  • Finally, it is bottled under nitrogen and air shipped in temperature controlled cabins. (Shipping directly from harvest to your table means avoiding the damage inflicted by time and ocean transport.)
  • What to expect - A bespoke, limited edition, extra virgin olive oil, complete with tasting notes, a description of the year’s harvest, as well as food pairing options and recipes. 
  • Abandoned grove’s releases will“not”be available in even the finest food stores of the city.
  • When to expect it - Since 2009, Our releases have arrived within weeks from harvest, and always before the holidays (late Nov, early Dec for northern hemisphere releases).
  • Your pre-selected number of Extra virgin olive oil bottles will be hand delivered or made available to you at our annual festa dell’olio or olive oil dinners.
  • How to get it- Limited, new releases will first be made available to friends and family. See friends & family for how to join.


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