• Our Process - Every year we follow and monitor the state of the trees and their cultivars within the groves and then personally attend each harvest.
  • The olives are master milled and filtered within three hours of harvest, following a settling period we meticulously create our bespoke blends or “monocultivar” selections. 
  • Once the desired sensory attributes are obtained, the oil is also sent to two certified sensory panels and an independent lab for chemical analysis.
  • Finally, it is bottled under nitrogen and air shipped in temperature controlled cabins. (Shipping directly from harvest to your table means avoiding the damage inflicted by time and ocean transport.)
  • What to expect - A bespoke, limited edition, extra virgin olive oil, complete with tasting notes, a description of the year’s harvest, as well as food pairing options and recipes. 
  • When to expect it - Since 2009, Our releases have arrived within weeks from harvest, and always before the holidays (late Nov, early Dec for northern hemisphere releases).
  • Your pre-selected number of Extra virgin olive oil bottles will be hand delivered or made available to you at our annual festa dell’olio or olive oil dinners.
  • How to get it- Limited, new releases will first be made available to the friends and family list. Depending on how plentiful the harvest was, on occasion quantities are made available for purchase outside of the list. See friends & family for how to join.