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Abandoned Grove is an alliance of olive oil farmers, producers, chefs and visionaries, on a mission to change the perception of what a true extra virgin olive oil really is.

Allied in the honest production of fine extra virgin olive oil, we seek to set a new standard for transparency, quality, and freshness, in an industry that has been oversaturated by lack thereof.

We focus on craft, small-batch, extra virgin olio nuovo (new oil).

Every bottle at Abandoned Grove is committed to quality over quantity. Our bottles are air-shipped, and dropped directly to our trusted partner restaurants, or for Abandoned Grove members, to your front doors, ensuring consumption of true extra virgin olive oil at its peak freshness - straight from harvest.

Only the finest extra virgin olive oil producers, committed to our set principles, values, and strict vetting procedures, are a part of Abandoned Grove.

Founder, Fil Bucchino, travels the world partnering with the best producers of olio nuovo - bringing them to the hands of top chefs, experts, and the community.

Olive oil farmers within Abandoned Grove’s circle are compensated fairly - their partnership is the cornerstone of our business.

Abandoned Grove extra virgin olive oils are extroverted - they talk the talk AND walk the walk.