Friends & Family List FAQ

  • What is the Friends & Family List?

    • It started in 2009 with my immediate family and a few friends. Today it is an exclusive list of family, friends, and friends of friends that have become stakeholders and share in our mission.
  • What are the advantages of being part of the F&F list?

    • Early and exclusive access to all Abandoned Grove's releases.
    • No price fluctuation between the pre-order period and delivery.
    • Ability to refer new members.
    • Possibility to participate in a harvest.
  • How do I join the Friends & Family list?

    • Depending on the expected harvest additional spots may open up in our list. You can join our list either by: Referral through someone in the list, at our dinners and events, or by contacting me here.
    • Please note that new members may have a reduced allocation in their first year.
  • Am I guaranteed placement for a release if I am a member of the list?

    • Unless there is an extreme shortage due to unforeseen harvest conditions, members of the list will have a guaranteed allocation as long as the order is placed within the pre order period.
  • Can I still have access to releases if I'm not on the list?

    • After the family and friends pre order period is closed and pending on harvest conditions, a small allocation is made public on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Public releases are allocated at market price.

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