Friends & Family List

*Due to the time sensitive nature of our olive oils, only ONE AIR SHIPMENT is possible straight from Harvest and only for the members of our friends and family list. Quantities are limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

  • What we do -   Every year in mid October we travel to Tuscany for the olive harvest to meticulously create blends or cru monocultivar selections. Our oils are first skillfully selected and tested by olive oil Assaggiatore Fil Bucchino and then verified by two revered certified sensory panels in Italy. To maintain the integrity and quality, our oils are always air shipped in temperature controlled cabins and directly from harvest to avoid the damage inflicted by time and ocean transport.
  • What to expect - Every year you will have access to a custom and limited quantity extra virgin olive oil not available in even the finest food stores of the city. Once per harvest you will receive your pre-selected number of bottles. Your extra virgin will be hand delivered or made available to you at our annual festa dell’olio or olive oil dinners. It will include tasting notes, a description of the year’s harvest, and food pairing options and recipes.
  • What's the cost - for our friends and family list, the pre-order price is locked in and announced via e-mail . Outside of pre-orders our pricing will be subject to change based on harvest conditions and availability.


We are so serious about having our oil taste just like it does within days of milling that we rely on a single trusted partner to handle the air transport of our product, further ensuring the quality upon arrival.

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