Friends & Family

What started as a small Friends & Family list in 2009, today invites those select few who share in our passion and anticipation for what each new harvest brings.

For now, AG oil is only available to those who have been accepted into our select Friends & Family list and accessed by logging into your account or if you request to join our Friends & Family list, which gives you access to our harvest reserve.

Our member includes internationally renowned olive oil experts, farmers, chefs, restaurants, celebrities, scientists, wellness practitioners, artists, and tastemakers. Abandoned Grove is not just internationally recognized as a super-premium extra virgin olive oil but for also for it's growing community and commitment to restoring olive oil and the industry.

More satisfying meals together, more health benefits savoured, more olive groves rejuvenated, more people employed, and, eventually, no grove abandoned. This is the world we envision.

Come join us. Get in touch.

We will reach back out.