Our Friends & Family List

  • What we do -   Every year we follow and monitor the groves and the season, and in mid October we travel to the hills surrounding Florence (Tuscany) for the olive harvest to meticulously create blends or cru monocultivar selections. Our oil production is always in small quantities and we personally supervise every aspect of the process. After achieving our desired flavour and aroma profiles through our harvest, milling and blending practices, the oil is sent to two revered certified panels (Florence and Imperia) to confirm its sensory profile. Chemical analyses are also carried out by two independent labs. Finally, to maintain the integrity and quality, our oils are always air shipped in temperature controlled cabins and directly from harvest to avoid the damage inflicted by time and ocean transport.


  • What to expect - Every year you will have access to a custom, certified and limited quantity extra virgin olive oil not available in even the finest food stores of the city. Once per harvest you will receive your pre-selected number of bottles. Your extra virgin will be delivered or made available to you at our annual festa dell’olio or olive oil dinners. It will include tasting notes, a description of the year’s harvest, and food pairing options and recipes.


  • When does it arrive - Since 2009 we have always been able to obtain our oil within weeks from harvest and always before the holidays (late Nov, early Dec). Fresh is best -


  • What's the cost - Pre orders are reserved for the members of our list. Every year only a few bottles are allocated outside of the pre order period and always on a first come first serve basis. Prices are mostly dictated by harvest season and range between $200-$280 per case. (6x500ml)


  • Join the list - Email me directly for more info.