Abandoned Grove

We’ve abandoned the practices that surround the commercial olive oil industry (from production, to storage, to use, and consumption).

The production of quality olive oil is a very intensive and expensive process. The gross devaluation and mislabelling of extra virgin olive oil has reshaped the face of a once culturally-rich industry and turned the fine (slow) craft of extra virgin olive oil production into a fast-food, quantity-over-quality, sub-par experience.

About 10 years ago I became aware of the many abandoned olive groves in Italy.

 The 'Abandoned Grove' in our name stems from the fact that many independent olive oil farmers have been forced to abandon their olive groves and their passion, after being driven out of the business by large commercial olive producers; leaving their traditions, aspirations, culture and the livelihood of their families, friends and communities, behind.

We adhere to the yearly wishes of Mother Nature, and only focus on modern production practices, limited quantity, thrice tested, early harvest extra virgin olio nuovo (new oil), derived from groves that once abandoned, have been brought back to life.

Our bottles are air-shipped, ensuring consumption of true extra virgin olive oil at its peak freshness - straight from harvest.