Fil Bucchino

Fil Bucchino - Abandoned Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Florence born Fil Bucchino is a Toronto based extra virgin olive oil expert and founder of Abandoned Grove. He is one of the few tasters residing outside of Italy enlisted in the National Directory of Technicians and Experts in Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils. He is enrolled in the international register of ONAOO professional tasters (National Association of Olive Oil Tasters). In 2017 he was appointed by ONAOO to represent the renowned school's first international chapter in Canada.

Fil hosts and co-produced the award-winning documentary “Obsessed with Olive Oil”, highlighting and focusing on the positive aspects of the olive oil industry and the passion and hard work of olive oil producers, tasters and aficionados.

Fil has been a passionate communicator and an avid promoter of extra virgin olive oil. He works closely and collaborates with Toronto's top culinary personalities, lending his expertise to the Spanish and Italian Chambers of Commerce, the Globe and Mail's Gastronomia Program, Slow Food, and has guided many educational tasting sessions. He is a steady fixture as a judge in various international olive oil competitions and a frequent Brazilian Olive Oil Guide collaborator.

Also, Fil holds a BSc in BioMedical Sciences and recorded and toured as a professional musician for almost a decade.

Fil seeks to protect the Grove; family, friends, culture, community, and wellness. In doing so, each year, since 2009, he travels to expand his learning, produce, test and airship limited amounts of premium extra virgin olive oil.  An oil, that always continues to evolve. A food, that in his opinion embodies the soundtrack of a life well lived.