Filippo (Fil) Bucchino comes by his passion for olive oil honestly, having been born and raised in Florence, Tuscany.

Fil is a certified Olive Oil Taster and founder of Abandoned Grove. He is O.N.A.O.O. (National Association of Olive Oil Tasters - Imperia, Italy) certified and founded and operates their first International Chapter for Canadian territory. He is also on track to be enrolled in the Italian list of technicians and experts of virgin and extra virgin olive oils.

Each fall he travels to Tuscany and to other regions of Italy to expand his knowledge and to take part in the harvest. Fil, consults on, educates, he is a frequent judge at olive oil competitions, hosts events like the annual “Festa dell’Olio” and collaborates with restaurants and Chefs on various olive oil pairing dinners.

Fil has been importing extra virgin olive oil privately into Canada for 20 years. In this time, he has worked to perfect the art of production and blending, as well as timing and controlling transport, in order to obtain olive oil on this side of the Atlantic at peak freshness and with minimal damage. Transport being a key and often overlooked element that directly affects the quality of extra virgin olive oil over seas.

Fil is a passionate advocate of increasing the quality and transparency of the industry by educating the consumer that olive oil is fresh and seasonal produce. He has filmed hours of footage and interviews and is the host for an upcoming documentary on extra virgin olive oil.

In essence, Fil seeks to protect his Grove; family, friends, culture, community, and wellness - at the very core of his upbringing. In doing so, he looks to bring the palate of the oils he loves to your table, fresh from harvest - an oil, that continues to evolve. A food, that for Fil (and those partnered in Abandoned Grove) embodies the soundtrack of a life well lived.