Abandoned Grove

We believe that a quality extra virgin olive oil is a fresh and seasonal ingredient.

We believe that it connects people, that it is an art form, it's alive, complex, and undoubtedly not an invisible condiment shelved in a grocery store aisle.

We believe in a world where just like wine, cheese or coffee, we can celebrate its different tiers of quality and sensory profiles. A world where we refuse a rancid or defective oil the same way that we “now” refuse corked wine.

With the belief that not all olive oils were created equal, Fil Bucchino founded Abandoned Grove, on a mission to cultivate awareness and restore the connection to the olive groves, what they mean to the landscape, the heritage and the well being of a community.

It’s about freshness, aromas, flavors and uncompromisingly adhering to translating the yearly wishes of Mother Nature first.

We've abandoned the practices and culture that surround the commercial olive oil industry, and produce limited quantities of early harvest extra virgin olive oils, derived from groves that once abandoned, have been restored to their former glory.

Abandoned Grove is forever inspired by the role that nature and community play in our ability to create and transport experiences from the grove to your table.

One taste, one dish, and one meal at a time. We are excited to be writing the new playbook.