Abandoned Grove

Eschewing the practices of the commercial olive oil industry, Abandoned Grove seeks to rejuvenate abandoned groves across the world and to re-cultivate the connection to the land, the groves, the people and the community that make for a truly incomparable bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Our holistic approach to making world-class EVOO has built an oil that speaks for itself and a community that vouches for it (and waits for our EVOO every harvest). Today, AG collaborates internationally with renowned olive oil experts, farmers, chefs, restaurants, celebrities, scientists, wellness practitioners, artists, and tastemakers to bring people together through the natural, harmonious expression of true extra-virgin olive oil. 


Super Premium

The freshest, healthiest, most exclusive extra virgin this side of the Atlantic. Masterfully crafted and tested, nitrogen sealed, with high monounsaturated and active phenolic content, containing only the cultivars that best thrived the season. The perfect harmony between health benefits and sensory experience.


Fresh is best

Exclusive access to the freshest, healthiest and most controlled high-quality extra virgin olive oil in North America.

Extensive oxidation control, air-shipped within a month of harvest.


Good for everyone

Abandoned Grove ethically and sustainably supports the production of modern extra virgin olive oil while rejuvenating land, protecting biodiversity, mitigating hydrological and fire risk, providing employment, and protecting our health.

As this community and 'family' expands, so does our impact - better EVOO each year, more land rescued and rejuvenated, more trees planted, more people hired, and, eventually, no grove abandoned.

“It’s about freshness, aromas, flavors, staying true to Mother Nature and translating her yearly wishes from the grove directly to your table.”