Abandoned Grove

Abandoned Grove is forever inspired by the role that nature and community play in our ability to create and transport experiences from the grove to your table.  

We seek to rejuvenate abandoned groves worldwide and re-cultivate the connection to the groves, the people and the community that make a truly incomparable bottle of modern extra virgin olive oil possible.

Abandoned Grove is a new philosophy on extra-virgin olive oil led by internationally-renowned olive oil expert Fil Bucchino and driven by the vision of ‘no grove abandoned.’

Everything about AG is about quality over quantity, purposeful, and values-driven. AG isn’t just an incomparable extra-virgin but a catalyst for change transforming olive oil and the industry to its former glory.

What started with one man, a passion for true extra-virgin olive oil, and a homespun reservation list has resulted in the rescue and rejuvenation of many hectares of groves in the hillside of Tuscany, Italy, 4,785 olive trees rescued to-date, countless community-driven events, and a growing team of regionally hired, empowered extra-virgin olive oil artisans – good for everyone.

Our 'Friends and Family’ members include internationally renowned olive oil experts, farmers, chefs, restaurants, celebrities, scientists, wellness practitioners, artists, and tastemakers. 

As our Friends & Family grow, so too does our impact.

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