2021 A.G. Olive Harvest


I am incredibly excited to share this very limited single air shipment of our Family Reserve extra virgin olive oil with you. 

By rejuvenating abandoned groves, we help sustain the landscape, environment and community. We pride ourselves on staying true to nature's wishes by interpreting and embracing each season's differences. And 2021 was no different. 

This harvest: The different microclimates of the groves allow us to focus on the best-thrived cultivars to consistently produce the seasons' best. Despite the increased complications, with an abnormal spring frost, followed by record-high summer temperatures and drought, we derived one of the most balanced and elegant oils in years, notwithstanding the lowest production yield since 2014 

Your oil: Harvested at the precise "invaiatura" (olive maturation) state between October 18th to 22nd from three previously abandoned groves, "Il Poggino," "Vernalese," and "San Donato." 

With a phenolic count of 696, this reserve is a 40/40/20 blend of healthy Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino cultivars, master milled, extracted within three hours, twice filtered, thrice tested, bottled under Nitrogen and air shipped in a temperature-controlled cabin, 

Tasting: Tasting is part art and part science, and although an experienced taster, I confront the new oil with some of the world's best tasters and a sensory panel to avoid bias.

Fruitiness, bitterness, spice and lack of defects are the essential organoleptic attributes of an extra virgin olive oil. 

Notes: This year's reserve opens to the nose with fragrant notes of olive and artichoke leaf, sage, fresh-cut grass and floral undertones. To the mouth, it is elegant, smooth, with prevalent notes of almond, secondary notes of arugula and radicchio with an ascending and long-lasting black pepper finish. 

Uses: This oil is ALIVE and meant to be lavishly utilized as a finisher to elevate, enhance, and add structure to your dishes. Ideal for grilled meats, vegetables and full flavoured fish, raw vegetables and salads, hearty soups, ricotta, burrata, fettunta and any dish with medium / strong character. 

Un abbraccio e buon appetito!

Filippo Bucchino